Well, 2020 that was fun!!  NOT!!!

I won’t go on about it as we all know how it was.

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions…

Were you aware … that 8 in 10 people who make a New Year’s resolution will fail within the first month?

It is a common problem …as they lose focus and quickly slip back into old habits…and they quit.

This happens as most are stuck in their old Belief System with not realizing that these no longer serve them. They have stopped growing personally, lacking in Self-Esteem.

However, you can In fact change, it only takes a person 40 days to change a behaviour, habit or a thought process to start aligning yourself and connecting to your goals, purpose with true feelings.  With breaking the psychological connections and triggers, this will allow you to become that confident strong individual you have always wanted to be … it is so achievable!

So, I am one for building my own Personal Growth, letting go of what does not serve me anymore, it’s true Freedom!

My Two tips for 2021…

  1. Re-Invent yourself and find out who you really are your Beliefs and Values, so you are walking in your own shoes!
  2. Find your Tribe, surround yourself with the people who will lift you up and support you. Become the Role Model in Your Life!

Wishing Everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may, ‘2021’ be filled with your own Personal Growth!