Hypnotherapy, LifeCoachJulie Atkinson, is a Personal Development Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist with emphasis on Applied Psychotherapy and Energy Healing. It is her passion to help you reconnect to the person you want to be. Feeling Overwhelmed and Unable to Balance your life? Finding yourself so DIS-CONNECTED with your inner world, that is affecting your outer world, making you that person you are not? Our lives are always going through changes ,whatever our circumstances might be. It’s never easy to deal with challenges at any time, and we always find ourselves struggling to deal with them.

Some of the areas in your life where you may be having difficulty…

  • Making the same mistakes
  • Losing yourself in motherhood
  • Trying to survive divorce/separation
  • Relationships
  • Menopause
  • Aging
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack Assertiveness
  • No direction
  • Do not know who you are
  • Hanging onto old Belief System/The Past

People who potentially benefit from Personal Development Coaching include…

  • Anyone who is going through a difficult time
  • Adolescents

By looking at your natural abilities and capabilities, the Personal Development Conscious Mindset program allows you to take a fascinating journey into your inner world in ways you’ve never imagined and uncover the secret keys to becoming all that you can be. Because we are all unique, your program is tailored to meet your exact needs. Over the course of the weeks, you will see progress and improvement in ALL areas of your life, as your coach will gently point out the areas in which you need to work on and assist you in letting go of anything you no longer require.

Providing you with a safe space, you will have the freedom to express yourself, let go in order to be heard and understood. Julie will help you dismantle the psychological ties and triggers. Developing a Strong Sense of Self, which requires understanding on how to make long-lasting mental and lifestyle changes that will improve your life.

‘Live in the Now and Create a Life that is Joyous!

And have the Freedom to Create Your Own Clear Conscious Choice’

Make an appointment or send an enquiry – Consultation are available Face-to-Face in Wollongong NSW Centre or via ZOOM