Weight Loss Through Hypnosis



Have you gained those extra kilo’s over time?  Or have you always struggled with weight throughout your life, particularly as middle age approaches?

I have no doubt that you will have tried every diet out there, every passing fad and each celebrity-endorsed product.  Only to find that NONE of them work.  Everyone knows the detrimental affects of excess weight.  It hits in so many places…


    • Our Health
    • Our Relationships
    • Our Confidence
    • Our Mental Wellbeing
    • Our Identity

    Do you make jokes about yourself, but deep down they really hurt?  Do you find yourself staying at home instead of socializing as you feel to embarrassed to go out?

    To achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight requires CHANGE.

    My 12-week Conscious Body Awareness program can change

    • Your mindset
    • Your habits and behaviours around food that have been acquired over a lifetime

    There are …

    • No Diets
    • No Scales
    • No Measuring BMI’s
    • No making you feel guilty

    The foundations are put into place that will alter and transform the way you think about food – for good!  Whether your weight gain is new to you, or whether you have battled weight most of your life, the relaxation and mind management can change…

    • How you think about food, your mindset and behaviour towards it
    • Your habits and portions
    • Your choice of food
    • Your motivation to exercise

    Everyone has the perfect weight control, it’s just that we change over time.

    “I was struggling with my weight and I was referred onto Julie, I was a little apprehensive as I did not know what hypnotherapy was about, but after our initial session, Julie explained everything, so I gave it a go, I was not comfortable with the gastric band, Julie designed a program for me, she put me at ease, and made me realise what my weight was all about. Can’t thank you enough”


    Hypnosis will give you a foundation for a life-changing new relationship with food that will enable you to become the person you want to be.

    And no, you don’t need to do it alone!

    We are all special and unique individuals on our own individual journey. One person’s journey is not the same as another’s, so why shouldn’t your program be tailored to you. I will guide you on a fascinating journey of Self-Discovery.  Through your own customized programs, you will begin to find that positive inner strength that has been missing, to become Connected with Who You Are.  Can you imagine what it would feel like? To become that person who is Self-Assured and Confident, knowing exactly who you are, with the freedom to move forward. You’re ready, I know you are.

    If you feel you are not sure about the Virtual Gastric Band method, that’s OK as we can work around that.

    The Conscious Body Awareness Program for Weight Loss is available in person or online which takes place via Zoom.

    This is also available in groups via Zoom and certain locations, and with Zoom you can be part of the program from wherever you are, and that you can interact with other participants in a 12-week supportive consultation that will fundamentally change your relationship with food and excess weight…for GOOD!

    Start your journey NOW on the Conscious Body Awareness program resulting in Weight Loss!

    Feeling that no-one really Sees you or Hears you, does not understand the struggle you have been through or are going through?

    ‘What she found working with Julie was…HERSELF!’

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