Ever noticed when you are moving to a new house, first thing you do is start to go through everything, sort it out and throw away anything that you no longer need, a great De-clutter, right.

You move into your new home and you start to unpack, everything is put away in order and is tidy. Then as time goes by it all becomes cluttered and Dis-organised again. Have you noticed that Life is the same! Over time we tend to become Dis-Organised, Dis-Connected and we start to live our lives in auto pilot, our outside world becomes numb.
Although we walk around with that internal magical facade as if we are all ok, and that’s how people see us, a happy person who has their life in order, and they are probably commenting ‘how do you do it’! In some way we are like a tapestry…if you look at a tapestry it is beautiful on the outside but if you turn it over its just one big mess. The old saying goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover’! Because the way you are feeling is that you are actually dying inside, feeling your world is crumpling around you, but you feel that you need to keep it together for everyone else.
Can you relate to this? Is it a new thing or have you always lived your life this way, where you have struggled with your own thoughts and feelings or even tasks that you need to complete, and never asking for help?
The feelings of being overwhelmed with trying to do everything when what you really want to do is curl up in a ball in the corner because you are so exhausted mentally and physically?
Maybe you are struggling with a situation with work, working from home, working from home and trying to home school? Or just struggling in general which is pushing you into a world of being Dis-Organised and Dis-Connected.
A little secret…you can’t Do everything! You don’t have to say Yes to everything! And you don’t have to be Happy all the time! But you need to strive to be Connected to yourself!!!
When we become Dis-Connected with ourselves our world becomes Dis-Organised, nothing flows, it has a Butterfly effect, and starts to affect us mentally and physically, causing the unnecessities in our lives with a real potential to lead you to into other areas of mental health unbalance. So, eventually affecting not only you as an individual but everyone around you. Your self-esteem, your thoughts, your fears and doubts, falling into self-defeating habits and your destructive thought pattern.

Here are some Tips
Always start with baby steps…
1. Ask for help!!! there is no shame and there are no medals for keeping silent and suffering!
2. It’s time to start writing it all down, empty out your thoughts and get it off your chest and start De-cluttering your mind
3. Do not put any judgement upon what your thoughts are or what you are feeling
4. Take a little time out and sit quietly for a moment and just think about how you are really feeling
5. Notice where it is sitting in your body
6. Break it down, rule up four columns –

  • column one ‘my thought’
  • column two ‘is my thought real, do I honestly believe it’
  • column three ‘is it attached to an event and is it in proportion’
  • column four ‘my proof that my thought is not real’

Ask yourself this question…”Do you feel that you are Dis-Connected at present?” if you have answered yes and would like to get some help in getting back on track and I can help and show you how to stop you struggling with your feelings and to become Connected again.
My style of coaching allows you to take a fascinating journey into your inner world and discover the keys to becoming all that you can be.
My Conscious Mindset Coaching program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is designed specifically to help you

  • Re-Connect with who you are
  • Re-Organise your world
  • De-Clutter all those old Belief Systems that no longer serve you
  • Insights as to why you behave and make the decisions you do
  • Personal Growth to discover what is important to you now
  • Set Goals aligned to your Purpose, creating a meaningful life

You can experience growth and improvement in ALL arears of your life…Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, Happiness, Love and most importantly become Connected.
Always Remember you are the most important person in your life, as if you are not Connected to You then nobody around you is either and you are stronger than you think!
So, the question here is would you like to be Connected to your world again?