It’s a New Year 2022, and a New Wave of Energy has Arrived!

It’s a New Year 2022, and a New Wave of Energy has Arrived!

So the saying goes, a New Year is a fresh start full of possibilities, being inspired and change. Is that what we think New Year is, a New Beginning?  But is not every New Day a New Beginning! I’m not sure why we wait.  At the beginning of 2021 did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

There is no going back to relive a moment, whether it was a happy one that you wish you could live in forever or a painful one that you wish had never happened.  If we had the ability to change an outcome, we would have been born with a crystal ball!  We don’t have a choice here, but to move forward.

So here we are in 2022, and there is one thing I can predict and that is…that the next twelve months will be a mystery…no crystal ball needed here!

Do you believe in keeping your dreams close to your heart, those aspirations that you know you will achieve in this lifetime?  But how do I do this is the question you keep asking yourself?  Make a conscious choice…a decision that you will not regret, just take a minute right now and close your eyes, and ask your question of what your next step is, take in a deep breath and exhale and just sit quietly and wait for the answer.

Making New Year’s Resolutions is not something I am particularly fond of. How about you? Are you a believer in their creation? I’ll share a little secret with you and in the spirit of good intentions, you can set as many New Year’s resolutions as you like, with all good intentions to follow through, but were you aware that 8 in 10 individuals who make a resolution fail within the first month!,  You may be wondering why well It is a common problem,  People lose focus and rapidly revert back to their old habits…and they quit, this is mostly though not really knowing who they are, clinging onto the past, these will stop you in your tracks of achieving your desired outcome.

However, you can In fact change, as when you see yourself clearly you can change anything.  With breaking the psychological connections and triggers, you will be able to develop into the confident, powerful individual you have always desired… it is so achievable!  This can be scary, as it requires you to step outside your familiar safety zone, but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, not to mention the difference it will make in your life.

My Three recommendations for 2022…

  1. Create a new version of yourself and discover your own identity, including your beliefs and values, so that you are walking in your own shoes!
  2. Find your Tribe and surround yourself with individuals who will raise you up and encourage you on your journey. Become the Person Who Inspires Others!
  3. Make Yourself a Role Model in Your Own Life! Consider investing in yourself because you are the most significant person in your life!

I am one for building my own Personal Growth, letting go of what does not serve me anymore, it’s true Freedom! How about you?

So, from Julie Atkinson Hypnotherapy…HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the year ‘2022’ be filled with your own Personal Growth, allowing you to demonstrate your own brilliance and the greatness that resides inside you, A fresh start full of possibilities!










worry, stress & anxiety

Is it Worry, Stress or Anxiety?  More than ever, these three words are what you are hearing every day.  And everyone’s experience will be different, but if I asked you…would you know the difference between Worry, Stress or Anxiety?

What is Worry? Worry is what happens when your mind dwells on situation and can be brought upon by any situation.  I believe there are two types of Worry

  1. You have just been given some bad news, OK, this is happening Now, after the shock passes, you will chose whether you go into the Flight-or-Fight response…if you choose Flight you will bury your head in the sand and say “it will be OK” do nothing and run away or if you choose Fight you will come up with a plan on how to combat it.
  2. You start to worry about an event that has not even happened, but you start to worry what will happen if and when it happens. You are anticipating and preparing for a stressful time to enter into your life. So, you wait and wait, for the predicted event that you have conjured up in your mind to happen.  This is where it all starts with your Mental Health ‘The Thought’ and we worked on an assumption, that the day will come, and in most cases, we actually made it happen, due to the obsessive and repetitive thoughts you have. ‘THE STRESSOR!’

What is Stress? Stress is a physiological response connected to an external event. In order for the cycle of stress to begin, there must be a Stressor.  However, there is Good Stress and Bad Stress.

  • Good Stress – There is no threat or fear attached. We could feel good stress with going for an interview for a new job, preparing for a stage performance, getting married, having a baby, arriving at the airport for an overseas trip.  Good Stress’s all our good happy hormones flood our bodies, you can see the end of a situation.
  • Bad Stress – Attached to both Treat and Fear, you find yourself in hardship or under constant pressure. Could  be associated with illness, losing your job, financials or grief with losing someone close or a breakup, therefore your body usually stays in the Fight-or-Flight mode continuously, as you cannot see an end to your situation which you find hard to resolve.  This type of Chronic stress is linked to many health concerns such as digestive issues, high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and a weakening of the immune system,  increase in blood sugars and depression.

What is Anxiety?  We start with the Worry (cognitive – the Thought) progress to Stress (Physiology – effecting the body) then moves onto Anxiety which is experiencing everything in the Mind and Body. The delayed reaction, that creeps up out of nowhere and attacks, a false alarm coming from a place of Fear with no Threat.

We may experience anxiety in our Body and our Mind For example: you show up at work and you see the boss’s talking, one looks over at you, however, what they are talking about has nothing to do with you, your boss was just looking around.  You start to have all the Physiology of a Stress response because you’re telling yourself (the Thought) that your job is at risk.  Your blood is flowing, you are starting to hyperventilate as you are over-breathing, your heart is racing, your chest is tight, your face may even feel numbness or a tingly feeling, all this is causing you  to become dizzy and your body once again goes into that state of Fight or Flight – but so far there is no threat, it’s all in your mind in prediction mode.

In conclusion, I believe the worst stage is WORRY as everything starts with a THOUGHT! Especially when you become obsessed with worrying about something that hasn’t even happened.  Once a negative Thought enters your mind, it has the ability to grow out of control like a weed, as it becomes all distorted and eventually starts to attack your entire being.

If you learn the tools to knock Worry on the head before it gets to the Stressor stage, then you will be living a healthy life in Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you have experienced a situation in the past, that is still causing you worry and stress out about with the possibility of leading to anxiety attacks, there is nothing you can do about it, it is in the past and is now a memory, and you are living in a place of Fear. However, there are tools to assist you to cope and move forward, to live a healthier life.

If you are going through a situation Now, you can ask yourself the five questions.  You have one thing you have full control over and that is how and what you choose to react to and how to react to those Thoughts, by putting everything into perspective.

Five Questions to ask yourself…

  1. Is it real?
  2. Has it happened?
  3. Do I have any control over it?
  4. Is this good for my health?
  5. What can I change?

TIP: If you find yourself in any of the stages of Worry, Stress or Anxiety, try to keep a journal and ask yourself these questions…then ask yourself the Five questions above.

  • What is the Date
  • What is the Time
  • Where Am I?
  • Who am I with?
  • What can I see, hear, smell and taste?
  • What am I touching?
  • What am I feeling?
  • Why might I be feeling like this?
  • What am I thinking about?

To Eliminate Anxiety – The Hypnotic Solution and Conscious Mindset approach can help you to…

  • Reducing physiological responses
  • Identifying the triggers
  • Identifying and re-framing past events
  • Building self-esteem
  • Reduce excessive attention to our Threats and Fears
  • Encourage a more realistic interpretation
  • Reconstruct and reinterpret memories associated with fearful situations
  • Reduce the level of autonomic arousal associated with the anxiety

How I can help… My services give people the understanding to make permanent lifestyle changes by assisting you to place Worry, Stress and Anxiety into its correct box and that allows you to make more conscious life choices and live a happier and healthier life.

So…There is no doubt, this is a very serious and life-changing technique which makes positive differences in becoming that confident person who succeeds in accomplishing what they set out to do and that is to free yourself from Fear.  This is achievable though Hypnotherapy and Conscious Mindset Coaching, by breaking the psychological connections and triggers around your Fear.

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Cleaning out the mind clutter

Cleaning out the mind clutter

Ever noticed when you are moving to a new house, first thing you do is start to go through everything, sort it out and throw away anything that you no longer need, a great De-clutter, right.

You move into your new home and you start to unpack, everything is put away in order and is tidy. Then as time goes by it all becomes cluttered and Dis-organised again. Have you noticed that Life is the same! Over time we tend to become Dis-Organised, Dis-Connected and we start to live our lives in auto pilot, our outside world becomes numb.
Although we walk around with that internal magical facade as if we are all ok, and that’s how people see us, a happy person who has their life in order, and they are probably commenting ‘how do you do it’! In some way we are like a tapestry…if you look at a tapestry it is beautiful on the outside but if you turn it over its just one big mess. The old saying goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover’! Because the way you are feeling is that you are actually dying inside, feeling your world is crumpling around you, but you feel that you need to keep it together for everyone else.
Can you relate to this? Is it a new thing or have you always lived your life this way, where you have struggled with your own thoughts and feelings or even tasks that you need to complete, and never asking for help?
The feelings of being overwhelmed with trying to do everything when what you really want to do is curl up in a ball in the corner because you are so exhausted mentally and physically?
Maybe you are struggling with a situation with work, working from home, working from home and trying to home school? Or just struggling in general which is pushing you into a world of being Dis-Organised and Dis-Connected.
A little secret…you can’t Do everything! You don’t have to say Yes to everything! And you don’t have to be Happy all the time! But you need to strive to be Connected to yourself!!!
When we become Dis-Connected with ourselves our world becomes Dis-Organised, nothing flows, it has a Butterfly effect, and starts to affect us mentally and physically, causing the unnecessities in our lives with a real potential to lead you to into other areas of mental health unbalance. So, eventually affecting not only you as an individual but everyone around you. Your self-esteem, your thoughts, your fears and doubts, falling into self-defeating habits and your destructive thought pattern.

Here are some Tips
Always start with baby steps…
1. Ask for help!!! there is no shame and there are no medals for keeping silent and suffering!
2. It’s time to start writing it all down, empty out your thoughts and get it off your chest and start De-cluttering your mind
3. Do not put any judgement upon what your thoughts are or what you are feeling
4. Take a little time out and sit quietly for a moment and just think about how you are really feeling
5. Notice where it is sitting in your body
6. Break it down, rule up four columns –

  • column one ‘my thought’
  • column two ‘is my thought real, do I honestly believe it’
  • column three ‘is it attached to an event and is it in proportion’
  • column four ‘my proof that my thought is not real’

Ask yourself this question…”Do you feel that you are Dis-Connected at present?” if you have answered yes and would like to get some help in getting back on track and I can help and show you how to stop you struggling with your feelings and to become Connected again.
My style of coaching allows you to take a fascinating journey into your inner world and discover the keys to becoming all that you can be.
My Conscious Mindset Coaching program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is designed specifically to help you

  • Re-Connect with who you are
  • Re-Organise your world
  • De-Clutter all those old Belief Systems that no longer serve you
  • Insights as to why you behave and make the decisions you do
  • Personal Growth to discover what is important to you now
  • Set Goals aligned to your Purpose, creating a meaningful life

You can experience growth and improvement in ALL arears of your life…Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, Happiness, Love and most importantly become Connected.
Always Remember you are the most important person in your life, as if you are not Connected to You then nobody around you is either and you are stronger than you think!
So, the question here is would you like to be Connected to your world again?


Jumping Off

Jumping Off

The Earth revolves around the sun, taking 365 days, this is known through science.
What if we were sitting on that axis and watching our lives slowly go by, and suddenly we jump off as we are anticipating and preparing for a stressful time to enter into our lives, but wait, it hasn’t actually happened! But we are going to jump off anyway as we are always finding ourselves in challenging situations, as this is our fate, or so we think. So, we are going to jump off and get prepared for that event to enter our lives. We are waiting and waiting and as the years go by, the day finally happens, just as we predicted and we say to ourselves “I knew it’!.

We started with a thought and we worked on an assumption, that the day will come, and we actually made it happen.

As it is difficult to understand the science around the universe, unless you study science, it can also be difficult to understand the difficulty as to why our mind anticipates for the stressful times in our lives, as we continually say to ourselves “it’s our fate’ as it happened to this person or that person, so it must happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, shit happens as nobody can avoid a smooth sailing through life, however, when these events happen, we don’t anticipate them, as we are not thinking about them, they just happen, and that is life.

What if you were sitting on that axis watching your life go past, however, you are now watching your life with excitement, and you are only anticipating a life full of endless possibilities which lay in front of you.

What has changed? You realised that you couldn’t change what you didn’t realise. So, you took control over your life, as you wanted that axis to go as slow as possible, because you wanted a full life, a life filled with all the possibilities that your world had to offer.

If you can relate to this, but you are unaware of why you do what you do and would like a live the life you were meant to live, I can help you realise what your thought and life patterns are and where they have come from. I can assist you through NLP and Hypnosis.

So, if you are over anticipating all the stressful challenging event’s that haven’t even happened, or living in constant stressful moments in your life and would like to totally move forward to all the good possibilities that your world can offer you, just contact me as you have nothing to fear and so much to gain to set yourself free.

Julie – 0478 768 231

Personal growth workshops

Personal growth workshops

I believe in self-empowerment. Join me in my workshops which are an excellent tool to project an manifest your wishes and your future, and other courses that are part of Holistic Conscious Mindset Life Coaching. Check the workshop section regularly to find a course that you might be interested in.