The Earth revolves around the sun, taking 365 days, this is known through science.
What if we were sitting on that axis and watching our lives slowly go by, and suddenly we jump off as we are anticipating and preparing for a stressful time to enter into our lives, but wait, it hasn’t actually happened! But we are going to jump off anyway as we are always finding ourselves in challenging situations, as this is our fate, or so we think. So, we are going to jump off and get prepared for that event to enter our lives. We are waiting and waiting and as the years go by, the day finally happens, just as we predicted and we say to ourselves “I knew it’!.

We started with a thought and we worked on an assumption, that the day will come, and we actually made it happen.

As it is difficult to understand the science around the universe, unless you study science, it can also be difficult to understand the difficulty as to why our mind anticipates for the stressful times in our lives, as we continually say to ourselves “it’s our fate’ as it happened to this person or that person, so it must happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, shit happens as nobody can avoid a smooth sailing through life, however, when these events happen, we don’t anticipate them, as we are not thinking about them, they just happen, and that is life.

What if you were sitting on that axis watching your life go past, however, you are now watching your life with excitement, and you are only anticipating a life full of endless possibilities which lay in front of you.

What has changed? You realised that you couldn’t change what you didn’t realise. So, you took control over your life, as you wanted that axis to go as slow as possible, because you wanted a full life, a life filled with all the possibilities that your world had to offer.

If you can relate to this, but you are unaware of why you do what you do and would like a live the life you were meant to live, I can help you realise what your thought and life patterns are and where they have come from. I can assist you through NLP and Hypnosis.

So, if you are over anticipating all the stressful challenging event’s that haven’t even happened, or living in constant stressful moments in your life and would like to totally move forward to all the good possibilities that your world can offer you, just contact me as you have nothing to fear and so much to gain to set yourself free.

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